Orthopaedic Research

Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Promoting and facilitating collaborative orthopaedic research in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and South West Thames

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ORKSS is the research collaborative for trauma and orthopaedic surgery in the KSS and South West Thames HSTs. We aim to foster a culture of multi-centre research within the region to help researchers design, fund, run and report on high quality projects which will deliver answers to clinical questions based on sound scientific evidence.

Our role is to provide a hub for prospective reseachers in the region, putting them in touch with sources of help and advice, and to help them link up with other researchers with an interest in the area. The benefits of collaboration are clear; a wider patient pool can speed projects up and improve the quality of the cohort, colleagues can help with running the project and the key skills of team-based research are developed, reaching key SAC objectives for training in T&O.

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The region has a high population density and a large number of orthopaedic units - harness this strength to gather data rapidly and deliver clinical benefit faster.

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ORKSS can put you in touch with subject matter experts to help make your project a success.


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Pass on research skills you already have, learn new ones from your colleagues.